Consecutive interpreting

Translata regularly provides interpreting services during conferences, seminars, lectures, business negotiations and other events.

Translata regularly provides interpretation services on many seminars, lectures and business negotiations. The two standard methods of interpretation are simultaneous and consecutive. During consecutive interpreting, the speaker usually presents in coherent paragraphs and concepts, and every 2-5 minutes has a break so the interpreter can record the necessary information and perform the subsequent interpretation. The ability to write notes (and in many cases shorthand) is an important skill in consecutive interpreting. Translata has been cooperating with professional interpreters across a wide range of disciplines for almost ten years.

Whilst it is not necessary to have interpreting equipment for consecutive interpreting, the interpreter must be highly skilled in noting details and correctly reflecting the meaning of the interpreted text. Consecutive interpreting is used in business meetings, trainings, when accompanying clients, as well as during tour guides. If you would like to find out more about consecutive interpreting, or if you’d like to speak about the specifics of your event, please contact us at any time. Our experienced project managers look forward to answering all your questions and preparing an attractive quote for you.

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