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Need to quickly get an idea what a foreign text is about? Don’t understand an Italian recipe that looks so good, or a film recommended by a friend?

For these and many other reasons, we have started a new online translator, which will help you with two-way translations in 62 languages. Our translator provides online translations for free. Everyone who needs a quick translation can use it – for a few sentences or a whole article in a foreign language. Minimise typing errors and faux pas in your communication with clients, or just find out what the song is about…

How does it work?

In recent years, the translation business has been quickly heading towards automation. This trend is unavoidable, that’s why translation companies use translation programs – CAT tools – as much as possible. These facilitate translation memories and speed-up the work of translators and editors.
Online translators are made on this basis (currently with limited reliability). They use translation memories created by translators, and can help you get an idea of what a foreign text is about. We will be very glad if you find our free translator of assistance. Our free online text translator will solve many of your language problems – quickly and easily.

Have you tried it yet? 🙂

Free online translator
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