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Translation technologies- CAT tools

A printer manufacturer decided to start selling its three most successful products on a new market – Germany. So it needed guarantees and operating instructions to be translated. Each model’s documentation was largely similar, but crucially different. So for the client we sought a way to save as much as possible on translation costs. This we can achieve with CAT tools – we can provide savings of up to 40% and also eliminate terminology inconsistencies.

CAT tools (CAT – Computer Aided Translation) are software solutions that allow computer-assisted translations of texts. The use of these tools gives translators the opportunity to effectively streamline translations of large volumes, which need to be translated within short deadlines.

How does it work?

For translations using CAT tools, the input text is subject to computer analysis. Our project managers then use this analysis to determine the degree of repetition within the text, and how much of the text is in the translation memories created from previous projects. This means that the software finds repetitions in the text, and proposes the translation of a suitable word or phrase from the previous material. In this way, the speed of the translator is significantly enhanced. The translator can of course adjust the text according to the context, which in turn is stored and so ‘teaches‘ and refines the system.

Other advantages of CAT tools include ensuring uniform terminology on the basis of translation memories, which are essentially ‘dictionaries of complete sentences‘: the portion of text in the source language and the translation into the target language. So we can guarantee that translations will be consistent, which for large volume translations such as technical materials and protocols from clinical studies is a crucial condition, which significantly enhances the quality of a professional translation.

CAT tools in practise

CAT tools facilitate the translation process for translators, and with the potential repetition of texts can greatly increase translation quality thanks to consistency of terminology. To a certain extent it can also reduce end costs. Our dedicated team works with a variety of software tools, such as:

  • Trados,
  • SDLX,
  • Idiom,
  • MemoQ,
  • Wordfast.
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