Simultaneous interpreting

We have more than thirteen years’ experience in the area of interpreting, and we can provide our clients with ISO certified interpreting equipment and installation upon request.

High quality simultaneous interpreting

Translata regularly provides interpreting services for seminars, lectures and business negotiations. The second basic type of interpreting, apart from consecutive, is simultaneous interpreting. An interpreter sits in a separate room or interpreting cabin, and he/she interprets simultaneously with the speaker’s speech. Interpreting equipment is necessary for this type of interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting is mainly used during conferences, congresses, seminars and company presentations with international attendance. Simultaneous interpreting is very demanding – so it requires the best professionals, who can react promptly, have great language skills and extensive practice. During longer and more difficult topics, two interpreters are used who change places after some time (usually every 20-30 minutes) to maintain the quality of interpreting. Our trained project managers at Translata will provide the most suitable interpreter for your event.

Successful simultaneous interpreting and the provision of interpreting equipment is guaranteed by our long-term cooperation with suppliers, and problem-free communication between our interpreters and technicians. Order our simultaneous interpreting service and present yourself at the best quality and professional level, which our trained professionals can guarantee. Should you have any questions or specific requests, contact us at any time.

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