Proofreading by native speakers

Looking for top quality translation? We can provide an additional quality control – proofreading by native speakers

All our translators are leading language experts, and have extensive experience in their specialist field (technology, medicine, marketing, law, etc.). To maximise the quality of translations, each translation is subject to internal control. Such internal controller is a member of our team, the role of whom being the rigorous checking of documents and also ensuring the completeness of the translation. However, since in most cases the controller is not native in the translation’s target language, certain grammatical and stylistic issues may not be addressed. For absolute certainty, even after the internal control process, we can also provide proofreading by a native speaker.


After a translation has been performed correctly, a proofreader then achieves maximum effect from the text

A client’s presentation to partners or the general public must be error-free and produced with the utmost precision. In order to create a translation that makes a positive impression and allows a client to differentiate him/herself from competitors, the rigorous work of a professional is required, emphasising the details and making the right impression. At Translata, our goal is to nurture long-term cooperation with native speakers of various target languages, who check and stylish your text as only mother-tongue speakers can. Advantages of using a native speaker proofreader.

Advantages of using a native speaker proofreader

A professional translator must have extensive knowledge about their specialist field, as well as the appropriate terminology used in the target language. But it is not possible to master a foreign language in the same natural way as a native speaker’s understanding and knowledge of the language. Native speakers have a wider vocabulary, are more intuitive in terms of syntax and style, and have a better feeling for subtle nuances of their mother tongue.

That’s why we strongly recommend that all clients utilise the services of our native language proofreaders. Especially those clients whose materials are intended for presentation or publication, trade partners or investors, and the media. Subsequent to a translation, we stress the importance of a text being proofread by a native speaker. Proofreading can also be ordered as a stand-alone service.

Language, semantic and pre-print proofreading

According to client requirements, we can provide various types of proofreading, each focusing on a different aspect of the text. Language correction is performed by professional proofreaders, native speakers of the target language, focusing particularly on grammar and style. The semantic/substantive proofreading service compares the source material and target output, especially in terms of technical terminology. Pre-print proofreading checks the layout of graphical editing and the distribution of a final text prior to printing.

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