Price of translation

Billing units by which we determine the price of translation


This measurement unit covers all words with full meaning and partial meaning comprised in the text consisting of one or more characters that are separated by spaces. A source word, i.e. word of the source text set for translation, is most commonly used.


Standard page

A measurement unit used in both uncertified and certified translations. 1 standard page = the number of characters without spaces + number of words / 1,800. A target standard page, i.e. the standard page of the target text after translation, is most commonly used.


Printed page

One page of text of A4 format. One printed page after conversion to a standard page can often comprise several standard pages of text.



Any digit, letter or symbol. This measurement unit is mainly used for exotic languages such as Chinese, Korean, etc.



When using this measurement unit, the total price is set for the entire document/file of documents.


Billing units by which we determine the price of interpreting


An hour

60 minutes


Half day

More than 1 hour and up to 4 hours


A day

More than 4 hours and up to 8 hours


Important information for the calculation of the translation price


  • The final price of the translation is calculated depending on the size of the source or target text. When billing according to the number of target standard pages, the price is only an estimate and will be exactly stated after producing the translation.
  • In the case of billing according to the source word or per piece, the price is final and will not be changed after the translation.
  • Our minimum charge is EUR 12.
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