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As well as professional translation services, Translata also provides complete DTP (Desktop Publishing) services. DTP covers the entire processing of a graphical draft. Our specialised team of graphic designers provides the graphical draft based on the client’s ideas – up to the files being ready for print (sheet, offset or digital).

This graphical draft can be made anew, if the original file is not processed in a graphical way. Of course, we can process the translation and return it in the same graphical layout as the original text. For example, we can wrap the translated advert text, and edit and place on a leaflet in a way as similar to the original as possible.

We can process many standard and less standard formats. This service is ideal for translating documents that are in other than standard editable formats (Word, Excel, etc.), so the professional skills of graphic designers are necessary.

Final graphical layout reflects your vision

The professional graphical editing of marketing materials, product brochures, advert leaflets, manuals and business cards has a direct impact on how customers see your company. Our professional team of graphic designers works with high performance hardware and the latest multi-platform software.

We can process final graphical layouts for our clients quickly and precisely, using standard graphic programs:

  • FrameMaker,
  • InDesign,
  • PhotoShop,
  • CorelDraw,
  • Illustrator,
  • QuarkXpress,
  • Publisher,
  • Powerpoint,
  • Visio,
  • Acrobat,
  • PageMaker,
  • etc.
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