Certified interpreting

Certified interpreting is official interpreting for legal and court actions cases such as court hearings, general assemblies, weddings, company board meetings, etc.

We provide certified interpreting across Austria.

Certified interpreting is necessary in legal and official cases; as such it can only be undertaken by an interpreter with a judicial stamp. The most common needs for official interpreting include weddings, court hearings, general assemblies, meetings of company bodies with international participation, recognition of paternity, funerals, etc. Our company has a wealth of experience in the area of certified interpreting, which is performed through our team of professional certified interpreters.

We recommend the early booking of this service, because mainly during the popular wedding period (May to September) interpreters are often fully booked. Should you have any questions about delivery times, the availability of certified interpreters, or if you have any specific requirements, please contact us at any time.

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